AETHER REALM Redneck Vikings From Hell
CD Digipak

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1. Redneck Vikings From Hell
2. Goodbye
3. Lean Into The Wind
4. Hunger
5. Guardian
6. One Hollow Word
7. Shes Back
8. Slave To The Riff
9. Cycle
10. TMHC
11. Craft And The Creator


With this album, the band improves upon their already distinctive sound that, since day one, has had fans wondering if theyre hearing a band from the States or the mountains of Finland! Each of the 11 tracks on Redneck Vikings From Hell are entirely distinct, setting the stage by playing upon their southern roots with the banjo-laden epic folk metal-inspired title track "Redneck Vikings From Hell". Meanwhile, the Lire la suite [...] arena-ready first single "Goodbye" and center-cuts like the thrashy, unwavering "Lean Into the Wind", the powerful anthem "Hunger" and symphonic brutality banger "Slave to the Riff" provide a weightier sample of the unconventional stylings of AETHER REALM 3.0. Otherworldly closing track "Craft and the Creator" drives it all home, showcasing each individual band member's infallible technical skills and featuring hair-raising leads that would make any guitar god blush. Furthermore, the album is strung together by colossal orchestral elements that lift the album to new heights previously unreached by the band. Redneck Vikings From Hell not only cements AETHER REALM as a band to watch but will also have listeners questioning just what exactly they cant do. Dont be swayed by the title - Redneck Vikings From Hell is no joke. "


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