3TEETH Metawar CD

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1. Hyperstition
2. Affluenza
3. Exxxit
4. American Landfill
5. President X
6. Altaer
7. Time Slave
8. Bornless
9. Surrender
10. Sell Your Face
11. Blackout
12. The Fall
13. Pumped Up Kicks

13. Pumped Up Kicks


"METAWAR" is exactly that - a sonic attack on the wide scale perception management systems that currently grip our worlds. It’s a counter-measure in the invisible silicon war of ideology that is constantly moving avatar pawns on the battleground of our social platforms. “We live in a world where we are all tethered to the same large scale prosthetic digital nervous system, and perpetually being manipulated Lire la suite [...] and incentivized by the ideology de jour. Even the most independent thinkers are being pinned to one side or another as a result of it. Our goal is to jam this album in the cognitive gears that perpetuate this fiercely divisive rhetoric, by exposing the hypocrisy, idiocy, and insanity on all sides,” Mincolla says. “It’s time to carve out a non-conformist space between the left and right that doesn’t have a definable psychographic for corporations to exploit. METAWAR is here to tear down the walls of our memetic concentration camps.” To help execute their vision for the new record, 3TEETH enlisted producer Sean Beavan, who is known for producing and mixing some of rock’s most influential industrial-strength artists, including Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson.



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