SOUNDGARDEN Live From The Artists Den Blu-ray Disc

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1. Incessant Mace
2. My Wave
3. Been Away Too Long
4. Worse Dreams
5. Jesus Christ Pose
6. Flower
7. Taree
8. Spoonman
9. By Crooked Steps
10. Blind Dogs
11. Rowing
12. Non-State Actor
13. Drawing Flies
14. Hunted Down
15. Black Saturday

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16. Bones of Birds
17. Blow Up The Outside World
18. Fell On Black Days
19. Burden In My Hand
20. A Thousand Days Before
21. Blood On The Valley Floor
22. Rusty Cage
23. New Damage
24. 4th Of July
25. Outshined
26. Black Hole Sun
27. Ty Cobb
28. Slaves & Bulldozers
29. FeedBacchanal
Bonus Interviews:
- Chris Cornell
- Kim Thayil
- Matt Cameron
- Ben Shepherd


The Live from the Artists Den was taped in February 2013, just after the band had finished their King Animal tour, which turned out to be their band’s final studio release.

Shot at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, the show features 29 songs across two-and-a-half-hours, and showcasing tracks from each phase of the band’s career from their debut single ‘Hunted Down’ through high points such as Badmotorfinger Lire la suite [...] and the commercial breakthrough of Superunknown and understandably a fair whack from King Animal too.


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