FLYING COLORS Third Stage: Live In London
Blu-ray Disc Box

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1. Blue Ocean
2. A Place In Your World
3. The Loss Inside
4. More
5. Kayla
6. Geronimo
7. You Are Not Alone
8. Forever In A Daze
9. Love Letter
10. Peaceful Harbor
11. Crawl
12. Infinite Fire
13. Cosmic Symphony
14. The Storm
15. Mask Machine

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Bonus Material
Live at Morsefest 2019:
1. More
2. You Are Not Alone
3. The Fury Of My Love
4. Crawl
5. Peaceful Harbor
6. Cosmic Symphony
Music Videos:
- More
- You Are Not Alone
- Love Letter
- The Loss Inside


Continuing their pattern of making a studio album, followed by a live album, "Third Stage: Live In London" is the 3rd live album by the prog-supergroup. It was recorded in December 2019 in London on a short and highly anticipated tour, directly after the release of their studio album "Third Degree".

The blu-ray features the full 2-hour show from Shepherd's Bush Empire in London, a bonus show from Lire la suite [...] Morsefest and 4 music videos. It's region-free, and playable worldwide.


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