INFECTED RAIN The Devil's Dozen
Blu-ray Disc + DVD + CD Digipak

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CD 1:
1. Pendulum
2. Mold
3. Endless Stairs
4. Black Gold
5. Serendipity
6. Dead Mannequin
7. Passerby
8. Lure
9. Storm

CD 2:
1. Stop Waiting
2. Dancing Alone
3. Me Against You
4. Enslaved By A Dream
5. Judgemental Trap

Voir la suite [...]

6. Freaky Carnival
7. Fool The Gravity
8. Orphan Soul
9. Peculiar Kind Of Sanity
10. The Earth Mantra
11. Sweet, Sweet Lies
12. Taphephobia

1. Intro
2. Pendulum
3. Mold
4. Endless Stairs
5. Black Gold
6. Serendipity
7. Dead Mannequin
8. Passerby
9. Lure
10. Storm
11. Stop Waiting
12. Dancing Alone
13. Me Against You
14. Enslaved By A Dream
15. Judgemental Trap
16. Freaky Carnival
17. Fool The Gravity
18. Orphan Soul
19. Peculiar Kind Of Sanity
20. The Earth Mantra
21. Sweet, Sweet Lies
22. Lena's speech
23. Taphephobia


In November 2021, in support of their much acclaimed fifth studio album, the futuristic Ecdysis (2022), INFECTED RAIN offered an exclusive concert stream, entitled The Devil’s Dozen. It was available exclusively online for only eight days. Now, the band fronted by multi-talented vocalist Lena Scissorhands - who has emerged of late as one of the fastest-rising leading ladies of the genre - will release their Lire la suite [...] memorable live momentum that is The Devil’s Dozen!

Dive deep into the history of INFECTED RAIN like never before with a breathtaking full show spanning the past 15 years of the band’s history with incredible production and special effects - including rare song material! Featuring songs such as 'Freaky Carnival', taken of their 86 -album from 2017, and stage warrantors such as 'The Earth Mantra' and 'Storm' (both released on their critically-acclaimed break-out album Endorphin ), the release showcases the band’s metamorphosis throughout the years and celebrates INFECTED RAIN’s impressive career, songwriting and live skills to date. The Devil’s Dozen electrifies with an otherworldly live momentum by one of the most impressive modern bands within the extreme metal scene; unleashing resonating riffs, cosmic electronics, progressive grooves and Lena’s treasure trove of vocal abilities. The band’s upcoming DVD/BLURAY is a must-have for every modern metal fan, as it demonstrates ultramodern brutality without sacrificing emotion and melody, performed live by a top-notch, high-voltage and enthralling live act!"


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