AUTARKH Form in Motion
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1. Primitive Constructs
2. Turbulence
3. Cyclic Terror
4. Impasse
5. Introspectrum
6. Lost To Sight
7. Metacognition
8. Clouded Aura
9. Alignment
10. Zeit ist nur eine Illusion


AUTARKH takes a unique position in the world of extreme metal. Synthetic, IDM-style beats and glitch effects - reminiscent of those produced by artists such as Aphex Twin and Autechre - are perfectly balanced with overwhelming riffs and vocals that range from dark growls and exasperating screams to semi-clean harmonies. Together with fluttering blast beats, dense bass lines and eerie soundscapes these elements Lire la suite [...] produce an intense and crystal clear tunnel of sound where the energy of contrasting emotions is constantly felt.

‘Form In Motion’ feels like an evolution in both sound and lyrical content from the two albums Nienhuis released with Dodecahedron. Musically, because of the radical approach the band takes with their rhythm section; lyrically because the album is more about a personal experience of human nature and the nature of the universe. The album takes us from unraveling storms and destructive chaos to transformation, liberation and fundamental shifts in understanding in order to align with the divine. That progression is also present in a linear sense – the intrusive uneasiness the album starts with gives way to a sense of epic victory towards the end.


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